Make high interest a thing of the past with a debt consolidation loan from Golden State Partners


Tired of drowning in credit card debt? Want to get off the hamster wheel of minimum payments?

Golden State Partners is here to help. We make it a top priority to combine your debt and decrease your overall interest by consolidating it all into one simple monthly payment.

Say goodbye to late fees and penalties and say hello to savings.

Applying is easy!
Our short video will help guide you through our simple application process.

Need further assistance?

Call us at 888-365-8770 to speak to a representative.
One monthly payment
Interest rate to the single digits
Cut your payments in half

How much can you save?

Use our comparison calculator to see how much you would be saving

$.00 $.00   %


Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

Golden State Partners RATE

With Golden State Partners, you will pay total interest of


Cincinnati, OH
I have been in and out of debt so many times I can’t even count. I promised myself the next time it happened it would be the last. The offer from Golden State Partners arrived just in time. When I called in they not only listened, they understood. We have a plan that works for me. I am so relieved to be on a good track. Thank you, Golden State Partners.
Rego Park, NY
My divorce crushed me. I had no savings and was really just unprepared. I was now paying 2 rents, 2 cars. Too much. I started putting everything on my cards from my doctors’ bills to movie tickets, the electric bill and water. When it all started mounting, I could barely make the minimum monthly payments. I almost had to declare bankruptcy. When I connected with Golden State Partners they didn’t judge me. They helped me. They listed to me. Thank goodness for Golden State Partners.

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